Katie So is a visual artist from Vancouver, BC. After graduating from Capilano University for illustration and graphic design, Katie became best known for her brush and ink comics. Often drawing from themes based in mental health and racial identity, her work can be seen anywhere from product packaging to murals. For the past five years, Katie has applied her illustrative style to tattooing and is currently a resident artist at Black Medicine Tattoo in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

There are many questions about myself that I address with my work. What race even am I? Why am I sad all the time? How do I get ink out of my bedsheets? Considering the concept of duality in my work helps me to better understand what it means to be of mixed race and how to maintain a healthy, productive practice while balancing the extremes of positive and negative headspace. My approach is one of dark humour, poking fun at my shortcomings while my application is focused and precise, so as to remain in control of these dualities. I use brush and ink for it’s bold contrast, the results being meticulous yet unforgiving, much like my approach to art.